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Squeaky door?….3 Ways To Easily Solve That
An improperly maintained garage door can cause it to become loud and squeaky. More importantly, a noisy door is a sign that your garage door isn’t greased enough, which could lead to more serious damage later on. Luckily, with proper maintenance and lubrication, you can prevent the noise and extend the life of your garage door. Garage doors used quite a lot in our daily routine. When we go to work and when we come back. Garage doors open and closes 6 times a day on an average, that could cause components to brake, rust or wear out.
We will give you 3 tip on how to make your garage door smoother when it starts squeaking when you open or close the door.
Check Your Rollers
There are a few types of garage door rollers, the silicon ones are by far the best. If you have steel wheels, with time they will become noisy. Inspect your rollers and if they’re damaged, consider replacing them with silicone rollers.
Garage Door Opener
There are two types of garage door opener. First, is a chain drive opener and the second type is belt drive. Chain drive openers are loud and rough on the opening or closing of the door. Consider replacing your opener to belt drive opener for smoother sound.

Purchase a lithium based grease or garage door lube. Popular standard degreasers like WD-40 isn’t the best option for a garage door. Instead, purchase a lithium based grease at a hardware store or online. There are also certain greases that are made specifically for garage doors. Do not use oil.

  • Garage door grease will typically come in an aerosol or spray can.
  • Oil is susceptible to dirt and dust buildup and is more likely to drip than garage door grease or lube. Read the label to make sure that the grease that you are using is appropriate for your doors.
Before you jump and replace your opener or rollers, you can always try and lubrication. First, go to your nearest hardware store and buy Jig-A-Loo lubrication spray. Second, follow the instruction on the bottle and spray your rollers or chain.
Let it sit for a good 15 min and try opening and closing the door for a few times, let the lubrication settle in.
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