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Most repairs to garage doors arise from overdue maintenance. Insufficient inspection and maintenance may cause important safety components to fail. Garage Door Track Repair North York Have you ever had a service performed before or is it a few years ago? Then make an appointment for a maintenance service to prevent faults in the future. Garage door track repair North York recommends carrying out inspection and maintenance work. At least once a year by a professional.

What does a professional maintenance service mean?

  • Checking the carrying means and safety system for breakages and damage
  • Checking the spring break device, action of the blocking hook and the attachment
  • Check weight balancing, check the torsion springs
  • Control fastening points
  • Checking track rails, adjusting and cleaning
  • Control hinges and roll holders, these must get lubricated
  • Checking the locking cylinder and seals

After the maintenance you will receive a report on the parts recommended to replace. Also, the current status of your garage door track repair North York. Any replaceable parts can get replaced if needed. We will include a consultation before any maintenance agreement.

What Can I Do Myself?

In most cases, you will and preferred to call a professional. Still, there are some types of minor malfunctions that you can repair yourself. For example, Clean the rails in the event of elements preventing the opening of the door. Checking that the parts of the panels or the blades in contact with other elements are not damaged. Ensuring the proper functioning of the rails. Casters that direct the panels into the rails. If there is no complete movement of the garage door. The door should move by hand according to its intended function. This helps unhooking springs or no connection to an electric drive. Bent parts should always have removed. before corrective action. Garage door track repair North York. Even if the garage door begins to squeak, you should have a complete inspection of all components.

The Garage Door Specialists In North York 

Reliable Garage Door specialist repair all doors and every damage regardless of the type. Rolling or swinging garage door. Not only does he repair damage of all kinds in a professional manner. But he also performs other services at your garage door, such as a 4-point inspection. If you want to play it safe, you can have your Garage door undergo regular maintenance. During maintenance, the door is being checked for possible damage or defects. Even when installing a new garage door, the garage door specialist can help. The installation of a garage door is no problem for our team and it is usually completed within a few hours. Whether installation, maintenance, repair or inspection, Reliable Garage Door is the right company. In case of damage or problems with your garage door, it is better to contact our company immediately. Often, your garage doors are still easy to save, so you can save a lot. If you can repair the garage door and not completely replaced immediately!

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