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How To Maintain Your Garage Door

Clean your metal garage door regularly.

  • Using a mild detergent and a soft brush, clean your garage door several times a year. This will remove any corrosive chemicals or dirt on the garage door that may prevent it working in top condition. In addition, cleaning it in this way will allow you to see if any springs or hinges need repair.
  • Proper cleaning of your wooden garage door with a mild detergent and soft brush will remove any chemicals or sediment that may threaten to warp the garage door and inhibit its proper operation. By repainting it, inside and out, every few years, you greatly reduce the chance of moisture seeping into the door and warping it, which would prevent it from opening and closing properly.

Lubricate moving parts yearly.

  • Both wooden and metal electric garage doors have springs and chains that allow the door to move effortlessly up and down. Using a light weight spray oil on all springs, hinges, rollers and pivot points at least once a year will keep your garage door gliding smoothly up and down.
  • Once a year you should give your electric garage door a thorough examination and tighten any screws, nuts or bolts that may have come loose. This is important to keep your garage door moving properly on the rollers.

Clean and lubricate garage door tracks.

  • Using a cloth and a concentrated but non corrosive cleaner, wipe out the garage door tracks and carefully clean all exposed parts of the rollers. Remove all excess moisture. Then use a specifically designed garage door lubricant or powdered graphite to keep the rollers moving smoothly and efficiently on the tracks.
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